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Commodore 64 Boxed Sets

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Cover Name Company
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Suspect Suspect Infocom
Suspended Suspended Infocom
Telengard Telengard Avalon Hill
Temple of Apshai Temple of Apshai Epyx
The Bard's Tale The Bard's Tale Electronic Arts
The Chessmaster 2000 The Chessmaster 2000 The Software Toolworks
The Fourth Protocol The Fourth Protocol Hutchinson Computer Publishing
The Guild of Thieves The Guild of Thieves Rainbird
The Last Ninja The Last Ninja System 3 Software
The Lords of Midnight The Lords of Midnight Beyond Software
The Pawn The Pawn Magnetic Scrolls
The President is Missing The President is Missing COSMI
The Quest The Quest Penguin Software
The Sacred Armour of Antiriad The Sacred Armour of Antiriad Palace Software
The Seven Cities of Gold The Seven Cities of Gold Electronic Arts
The Staff of Karnath The Staff of Karnath Ultimate Play The Game
The Three Stooges The Three Stooges CinemaWare
Theatre Europe Theatre Europe PSS
Times of Lore Times of Lore Origin Systems, Inc.
Tir Na Nog Tir Na Nog Gargoyle Games
Troll Troll Palace Software, Ltd.
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