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Commodore 64 Boxed Sets

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Total sets = 148

Name Company
Airborne Ranger Microprose
Alter Ego (Male Version) Activision
Alternate Reality: The City DataSoft
Alternate Reality: The Dungeon DataSoft
Archon Electronic Arts
Archon II: Adept Electronic Arts
Autoduel Origin Systems, Inc.
Ballyhoo Infocom
Baltic 1985: Corridor To Berlin Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Battle for Normandy Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Battletech Infocom
Beach-Head II Access Software Incorporated
Blackwyche Ultimate Play The Game
Boulder Dash Construction Kit Epyx
BreakDance Epyx
Breakthrough in the Ardennes Strategic Simulations, Inc.
California Games Epyx
Captain Blood Mindscape, Inc.
Champions of Krynn Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Cholo Firebird
Colossal Adventure Level 9 Computing
Crime and Punishment Imagic
Curse Of The Azure Bonds Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Death Sword Epyx
Deathlord Electronic Arts
Def Con 5 Cosmi
Defender of the Crown Cinemaware
Doomdark's Revenge Beyond Software
Dragonskulle Ultimate Play The Game
Dragonworld Telarium
Dungeon Masters Assistant Volume I: Encounters Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Echelon Access Software Incorporated
Elite Firebird
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Flair Software
Entombed Ultimate Play The Game
Epyx Brochures Epyx
Eureka! Domark
Fighter Bomber Activision
FireZone PSS
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Ocean Software, Ltd.
Gemstone Warrior Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Germany 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Give my Regards to Broad Street Argus Press Software, Ltd.
Gunship Microprose
Heart of Africa Electronic Arts
Heroes of the Lance Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Imhotep Ultimate Play The Game
Impossible Mission Epyx
Impossible Mission 2 Epyx
John Madden Football Electronic Arts
Jumpman Epyx
Koronis Rift Epyx
L.A. Crackdown Epyx
Lancelot Level 9
Last Ninja 2 System 3 Software
Last Ninja 3 System 3 Software
Legacy of the Ancients Electronic Arts
M.U.L.E. Electronic Arts
MacArthur's War Strategic Studies Group, Inc.
Make Your Own Murder Party Electronic Arts
Maniac Mansion LucasFilm Games
Mars Saga Westwood Associates
Micro Mud Virgin Games
Might and Magic New World Computing, Inc.
Might and Magic II New World Computing, Inc.
Morpheus Rainbird
Ms. Pac-Man Atarisoft
Murder on the Mississippi Activision
Neuromancer Interplay
Nightshade Ultimate Play The Game
Norway 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Oil Barons Epyx
One on One: Julius Erving vs. Larry Bird Electronic Arts
Outlaws Ultimate Play The Game
PHM Pegasus Electronic Arts
Panzer Grenadier Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Panzers East! Avalon Hill
Pirates! Micro Prose
Pitstop II Epyx
Pole Position Thunder Mountain
Pool of Radiance Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Portal Activision
Psytron Beyond Software
Questron Strategic Simulations, Inc.
RDF 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Racing Destruction Set Electronic Arts
Red Storm Rising Micro Prose
Revs Firebird
Risk Leisure Genius
Roadwar Europa Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Robots of Dawn Epyx
Sabre Wulf Ultimate Play The Game
Shadowfire Beyond Software
Sherlock Melbourne House
Silent Service Microprose
SimCity Maxis
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon Cinemaware
Skyfox Electronic Arts
Speedball Image Works
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Image Works
Spy vs. Spy Avantage
Spy vs. Spy: The Island Caper Avantage
Star Trek, The Rebel Universe Firebird
Starcross Infocom
Starglider Argonaut Software
Summer Games Epyx
Summer Games II Epyx
Superbowl Sunday Avalon Hill
Suspect Infocom
Suspended Infocom
Telengard Avalon Hill
Temple of Apshai Epyx
The Bard's Tale Electronic Arts
The Chessmaster 2000 The Software Toolworks
The Fourth Protocol Hutchinson Computer Publishing
The Guild of Thieves Rainbird
The Last Ninja System 3 Software
The Lords of Midnight Beyond Software
The Pawn Magnetic Scrolls
The President is Missing COSMI
The Quest Penguin Software
The Sacred Armour of Antiriad Palace Software
The Seven Cities of Gold Electronic Arts
The Staff of Karnath Ultimate Play The Game
The Three Stooges CinemaWare
Theatre Europe PSS
Times of Lore Origin Systems, Inc.
Tir Na Nog Gargoyle Games
Troll Palace Software, Ltd.
Ultima I Origin Systems, Inc.
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress Sierra On-Line Inc.
Ultima III: Exodus Origin Systems, Inc.
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Origin Systems, Inc.
Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny Origin Systems, Inc.
Ultimate Play the Game Collection Ultimate Play the Game
Underwurlde Ultimate Play The Game
War in Middle Earth Melbourne House
Wargame Construction Set Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Wasteland Electronic Arts
Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen San Diego? Broderbund
Windwalker Origin Systems, Inc.
Winter Games Epyx
Wizard of Wor Bally/Midway/Commodore
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Sir-Tech
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders LucasFilm Games
Zork I Infocom
Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz Infocom
Zork III Infocom
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